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Fredrik Simonsson, M.Sc


“With his passion, courage and convincing technical knowledge, Simonsson is a distinguished leader who finds impressive solutions” Karin Sandin, professional reputation experts

Profesional Reputation

We hired the best experts to find out what Simonsson’s professional reputation looks like. The resume below is based on what managers, colleagues, suppliers and customers say about Simonsson.

“Simonsson is a creative person with commitment, this is made clear in complex and challenging tasks and environments that include high technology. He loves his work and solves seemingly almost impossible tasks with great enthusiasm and passion. He constantly seeks more information and asks key questions that lead to solutions that exceed everyone’s expectations. Simonsson impresses with his technical knowledge and he is open to the latest developments and sees the big picture. Simonsson takes an idea and makes it a success just by seeing an impressive solution. He attacks problems with joy, curiosity and optimizes the current way of working with new tools. He is liked, leading the work and shares his knowledge in an excellent manner. He has a unique personality and he is a key player whose courage in the face of changes in rigid organizations is admirable. His personal charm, energy and desire to succeed gives energy to others.”

(The compilation is based on responses from 15 people in Fredrik Simonsson’s professional network that provided the answers anonymously in March 2014. This has been analyzed by Karin Sandin - Your Professional Reputation )

Key achievements

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